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This collection of documents is a lexicon of Tolkien’s invented languages, particularly his Elvish languages, which are the most detailed. The collection is called a “lexicon” because it is not a dictionary in the traditional sense; it also analyzes the relationships between the languages and their development both within Tolkien’s fictional history and conceptual changes through Tolkien’s lifetime. The title “Eldamo” superficially resembles an Elvish word, but it is actually is an abbreviation for Elvish Data Model, since its content is derived from an XML data model describing Tolkien’s languages and their relationships.

Readers new to the Elvish languages might want to look first at the Getting Started document. More experienced readers may want to start with the discussion of the Motivations and Methodology for this lexicon. Everyone is invited to look at the Language Index, particularly the sections on Quenya and Sindarin. Information about the source material used to compile this lexicon can be found in the References Index.

The information in this lexicon, including its XML data model, can be used freely in accordance with the Creative Commons (Attribution) License, which basically allows you to do whatever you want with it provided you credit my work. As it stands, this lexicon is currently in a draft or “beta” state. It includes nearly all of Tolkien’s published Elvish words, including the major vocabulary lists of Tolkien’s languages: The Etymologies, the Gnomish and Qenya Lexicons, “Words, Phrases and Passages from The Lord of the Rings (PE17) as well as The Lord of the Rings itself. However, I am still in the process of analyzing and comparing the various word forms, and any conclusions in the current version of the lexicon must be considered preliminary.

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